Nostalgia: Christmas Card 2008

Today I’ve packed my entire life into boxes (minus the bag of clothing I’ll be taking with me to Paris). Such endeavors always lead to a little trip down memory lane as letters, journals, photos and memorabilia of years past are organized into boxes and bins.

I was given this card by my apprentice, Chrissie, at the Walnut Street Theatre during Christmas 2008. At the time I was still recovering from a second surgery on my right wrist and had to wear a brace 24 hours a day. The inside of the card simply reads “Now you have photographic evidence that you injured your wrist in a fight.” Chrissie went on to say that she believed that the woman in the photo looked just like me (Thanks Chrissie, I dream of having abs like that!). Well Chrissie, it took two years, but that lady on the card IS actually about to be me (minus the Billy Blanks-esque abs).

Hey Paris, see you Sunday!


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