Where I am, Where I’m going

We did it! Officially TEFL certified!

So this is where I’m headed next! Off to Arreau in the Pyrenees to teach the kiddos English and explore the south of France!

This is my camp, Le Bourridé. Looking forward to some exciting experiences and jumping into my first job as a TEFL certified teacher. Already looking for the next job but for now, I’m just excited for this first adventure. Also, if you know anyone who wants to hire me, please let me know! 🙂

Went to Primark today (currently crashing with my fellow Philadelphians Mel and AJ in London) and picked up a few “summer camp essentials” including a flowered hoodie! Woo, finally experienced the glory and insanity that is Primark (been hearing about it from my UK classmates for a few weeks now). I guess you could say, I’m ready for the next TEFL adventure. South France, here I come!


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