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The last time I wrote I was on the cusp of my first teaching job as a TEFL teacher in France. I was scared out of my mind because I had 16 days of unemployment, because I was in a foreign country with minimal cash and nowhere to live, because I was new to the whole TEFL teacher adventure routine.

Looking back, a mere 5 months later, I almost have to giggle at my concern. In the months following that post I gained teaching employment that resulted in my zigzagging across three regions of France. I also spent a short stint in Barcelona minus any money due to a mis-charge made by a French train company, (damn you SNCF), and finally taught for two months in NYC—all on a next-to-nothing salary. Suddenly having little-to-no money, little-to-no knowledge of the native language and the occasional lack of housing became exciting rather than scary. Most importantly, I discovered how easy it is to find friends within the TEFL community (or anywhere really) and the never-ending awesome that is TEFL.

Just four weeks ago I was approaching the end of my NYC teaching contract and finding myself mildly-to-fairly concerned about what my next teaching move was going to be—and then came rollercoaster week. In the span of 5 days I went from having no job prospects to having 3 very different, but all very enticing, job offers across the world. It became a case of deciding between Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The result? I’m now preparing for the next adventure. I’ll be heading to Sumatra, Indonesia next week for a 10-month contract at Sekolah Mutiara Harapan. And while I have a few anxieties (as I am human and about to live on the other side of the world), my excitement outweighs my anxieties 10-1. As my father just mentioned to me “sounds like it’s time to purchase a new journal.” He’s right, time to write the next volume, and this time I promise to be better about logging it here too!


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Yeah! Go live the adventure! I am going to bookmark your blog, so I can hear all about your adventures. Maybe you’d like to check in on my blog occasionally as well. We can compare notes.

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