Albino? Elbino?

As I find myself metaphorically treading water (my start date was pushed back by a week), I have been desperately trying to find ways to occupy my time at my parent’s home in Michigan but between bouts of baking I generally find myself thinking about unimportant details.

Enter blog reevaluation and renaming decision!

The Reevaluation: After rationing some of this “thinking about unimportant details” to my writing, I came to the conclusion that what I want to write about here is more universal than just what happens in the classroom. Being an expat teacher in a mostly non-westernized part of the world is an adventure that encompasses much, much more than just what happens between the sheets of lined paper.

The Renaming: In Indonesia caucasion foreigners are called “bule” (which literally means albino) or often they will be addressed as “hey mister” (whether male or female). When I was first warned of this phenomenon (on the incredibly helpful Living in Indonesia ExPats Forum) I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but now I’ve decided to embrace my impending new title …but with a female twist, thus bringing about the blog title “Hey Misster.”

Ultimately, I’m confident that this is going to be a grand adventure but I’m also sure that I’ll have plenty of moments in Sumatra when I’ll want to respond the way my Ukrainian student did after I tried to explain to him what was meant by “a city block” in NYC…he simply turned to me, with a completely straight face and remarked (in his strong Ukrainian accent),”McKenna, W……T…….F.”

WTF indeed.



One thought on “Albino? Elbino?

  1. Hey bule. This is awesome. I’m so excited to hear about your adventures on Sumatra. Trust that if I had unlimited time and funds I would visit you in a heartbeat. Thank God words exist and I can experience your experience in a different way. Love you!

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