Sidenote: Skype, a TEFL Teacher’s Crack

Today’s apparently a two-fer day…what can I say, inspiration doesn’t follow a regular schedule.

Thank goodness for Skype. Thank goodness for the chance to see friendly faces and hear the voices of the people I love and care about. Thank goodness for thoughtful friends who think of me during special occasions and “Skype” me into the event. Thank goodness for family busy with crying, running, excited kids for taking the time to have me “meet” their new family members.

meeting my nephew for the first time via Skype

Thank goodness.

Because honestly, without Skype, I’m not sure that I could have come here and adjusted as much as I have (and I still have a long ways to go). Having these face-to-face conversations helps to dull the loneliness that is so keen on settling into the bones of those expats in the far-flung corners of this earth. Having these face-to-face conversations makes it easier to remember that we haven’t been forgotten even if we’re far away. Having these conversations can be the difference between feeling empty or feeling okay.

being "Skyped" into an annual Halloween party with friends

As a teacher living in a place miles from westernized culture, it’s easy to feel isolated. TEFL teachers, aid workers, military personnel—we all know the feeling of being a part of something bigger than ourselves—but we also know the feeling of being BY ourselves.

Military life meets TEFL life.

It’s in these times that I am reminded of how incredible many of the advances in technology really have been in recent years. And sure, sometimes technology gets in the way of communication and can be unnecessary but in my life as of late, technology is anything but overrated.


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