Fashion advice from a 7-year-old

The fashion offending ensemble

First graders are great because they often say what they think without any kind of filter. Recently this phenomenon has been directed at my style choices, which is always entertaining for me.

Just last week a student came up to me and said “Miss Amanda, why are you wearing boy shoes?”

I looked down my maxi dress to the shoes below, grey leather Chuck Taylors. I’d decided to be a bit more “me” in the classroom that day.  It was Friday afterall, the one day of the week when we get to wear whatever we want, rather than the black and white uniform.

“Boy shoes?” I asked.

“Yes! Boy shoes,” confirmed my student.

I went on to explain that Chuck Taylors are worn by both boys and girls and that it was totally acceptable for me to be wearing them. I told him that some of the other students at our school, both boys and girls, own the same kind of shoes and wear them too.

“No Miss Amanda,” said the student. “Those are shoes for boys.”

At this point I realized that I wasn’t going to win. There’s no arguing with a 7-year-old who has his mind made up now is there?

“Okay Marcell, well, I am wearing them because I like them,” I explained.

He just looked at me with a disapproving look and shook his head.

“But that is not like a girl!” he said.

I had no response. In his mind, his teacher was wearing boy shoes.

The look he gave me as he exited my classroom that day told me exactly what he thought of me:

What a weirdo.


3 thoughts on “Fashion advice from a 7-year-old

  1. This just made my day. I’m kind of reading it again and again and find myself smiling. Moments like this amused me.I had a picture of you and the kid having the conversation.It’s just sooo cute.:)

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