Side Dish: Punk Rock Fruit

The rambutan aka the punk rocker of fruits

This is the rambuton. While it’s easy to see why this fruit often results in juvenile giggles (“rambut” is Malay for “hairy”), I prefer to compare it to something a little less obvious (and Freudian for that matter). In my mind, the rambutan is the punk rocker of the fruit world. Check out that rad green and red hair spiked all over the place! Love it! The rambutan is a good example of how fruit in Southeast Asia is definitely much more interesting than the stuff we have in the United States. The shapes and sizes constantly amaze me and so does the range of textures. Rambuton has a translucent white flesh, and is much like a grape on the inside but it has a fairly large pit too. It has a nice sweet flavor, not acidic at all, and a very grape-like juicy texture. Definitely one of my local favorites. Rock on rambuton, rock on!


3 thoughts on “Side Dish: Punk Rock Fruit

  1. I’m a pretty big fan, but it’s cousin the Longan is my all-time favorite. I can’t remember what these were called in China, but they were a very popular import.

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