Kevin Update


Well, for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you probably have heard about Kevin. Kevin is the large water monitor who lives in my backyard. A water monitor is a big lizard and a relative of Indonesia’s famed Komodo Dragon. While being a bit smaller than their cousin the Komodo, water monitors are still fairly intimidating and kind of freak me out to be completely honest.

This weekend, after not seeing Kevin for quite some time, I would like to report that he’s still here and still big. He also now appears to have a buddy. I’ve decided to name Kevin’s smaller friend Sid. So now I have the dream team of Kevin and Sid keeping it real outside my back door. Lets just hope that Sid isn’t really a “Sidney” because the thought of having lots of little Kevins and Sids running around behind my house really doesn’t excite me!


3 thoughts on “Kevin Update

  1. It sounds to me like Kevin has a girlfriend. I kinda missed hearing about Kevin so I was happy to hear he was back.

  2. Kevin is definitely alive and well, in fact he was out and about last night, hanging out near my drying laundry. If any of my underwear goes missing, I know where to find it I guess…

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