Side Snap: Lake Toba Yoga

Lake Toba Yoga

I’ve decided to add a photo-centric “column” to my blog. These posts will be filed under the heading of “Side Snap” and be single photo+short explanation posts that don’t fit into the other short post “Side Dish” or “Sidenote” categories.

So here’s a snap from my recent Chinese New Year week-long holiday in North Sumatra. My travels took me through Medan, Bukit Lawang and finally, Lake Toba. While at Lake Toba, we stayed on Samosir Island in Tuk Tuk, a small peninsular village. It was one of those places where I felt genuine balance, calm and connection to the natural environment around me. On my final day at the world’s largest volcanic crater lake, I decided to enjoy a final dip in the water and a few moments of yoga in the midst of her beauty.

Also, just to pique your interest, my backlog of photos and stories from my December and January adventures spanning Java, Bali and North Sumatra is huge so stay tuned, they will be revealed to you throughout the coming weeks and months. For now though, as the jungle rains pour down on my roof, I think it’s time to succumb to the calming rhythm of their song and tuck into a cup of fresh ginger tea for an afternoon away from the glow of my computer screen. A meager attempt to recapture a little of that Lake Toba balance I was feeling just a few short weeks ago. Namaste friends.


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