Chinese New Year in the Jungle

Dancing lions Chinese New Year 2012

One of the perks of working at an international school is having something to celebrate almost every month of the year. Last week, after enjoying a week-long holiday away from classes, the students of our school put on an assembly to honor the lunar new year and share the celebration with family and friends.

My students were very excited to see the dragon dance

The timing of the Chinese New Year event couldn’t have been better. We’re currently learning about celebrations in my classes and as such, my students were intensely engaged in the Chinese New Year proceedings. I’ve grown to love assemblies like this, even if it means spending extra time at the school without pay and putting in a little extra effort to get our students prepared to perform. Seeing my little guys up there singing in Mandarin while smiling and dancing made me feel like a proud momma bear.

My tiny dancers

In spite of the rain, our kids had a great time. There were performances by all of the grade levels and a troupe of performers from the nearest city, Pekanbaru, was hired to do the special lion dance. It was hilarious watching the students creep up near the dancers and then go running anytime the “beast” turned to face them.

All lined up and ready to get on stage and dance!

By the end of the night the lions had made their rounds of all the classrooms, gobbling up all the red envelopes left hanging from the rafters of the school and sending the kids squealing with laughter in all directions. Lets hope the lions also left us a little luck for this new semester. It’s going to be a busy last few months here in the jungle and I need all the help I can get!


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