Sidenote: Debunking Ringworm

Ring WHAT?!

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would be honest. I would share even when I was embarassed and I would admit failure even when it hurt my pride. Today it’s time to get personal. Friends, I have ringworm. That’s right, ringworm. Just add it to the ever-growing list of statements I never expected to say in my lifetime*. And for those of you who are just as clueless about it as I was a mere 24 hours ago, I would like to start out by debunking the misleading name: RINGWORM DOES NOT INVOLVE WORMS OF ANY KIND.

Ringworm is, in fact, a fungal ailment that can be passed through skin-to-skin contact, or even via things like towels, shared clothing or gym equipment. It is in the same family as athlete’s foot and is easily treated with skin creams and antibiotics. Did I mention that it loves warm, damp climates? Did I mention I live in Sumatra, the very definition of a warm, damp climate?


Considering that being barefoot in public places is common in Indonesia, that I work with young children and that I go to the gym I could have picked up the fungus from any number of places. That being said, I’m officially on antibiotics and in about five days I should be able to say farewell to the little red ring that suddenly appeared on my left hip next to my surface piercing this week. (Yes, I have a small piercing on my left hip.)

Ah yes, just another glorious day in the jungle.

*Other statements on this list include “Great news, I don’t have Typhoid after all!” and “The brakes went out? No big deal, just downshift, it’ll be fine!”


6 thoughts on “Sidenote: Debunking Ringworm

    1. Ha! Yeah as an allergy sufferer I think I’d rather a lil hook worm myself! Get to scrubbin’ those machines, there’s fungus amongus Marie!

  1. Eeeeeeeew, gross, disgusting, yucky yuck yuck!

    …I’m kidding, of course. I’m super happy you don’t have typhoid, and I personally think you should have kept your little ring as a jungle souvenir.

    Counting down the days…

    1. I know, it’s basically the smaller version of the tattoo I got in Bali, which makes me giggle. Basically I got a free fungus tattoo, sweet!

    1. I think the week or so that it’ll be sticking around is long enough, though it does look kind of cool situated right next to my piercing, ha!

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