Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

(After trying for nearly 5 days to upload this post, I have finally succeeded…ah the joys of living in the jungle. That being said, there’s a new photo challenge up so I’ll be adding another post asap while my Internet seems to be working!)

This one was tough for me because since arriving in Southeast Asia seven  months ago, there are many things that once seemed “unusual” to me but are now just normal. I had to dig through my photos to find something that fit the bill, and while there are plenty of unusual flora and fuana here, I decided to stick to something based on a social point of view.

The above is a public bus. It is common to see these buses filled to the top (literally) with locals as well as school children. The students are often sitting on each others’ laps and piled in the spaces between seats. Additionally, you will often see them riding on top of the vehicle as well. I don’t think any amount of time will ever get me to consider these unsafe conditions for children to be “usual.” I will always consider such practices to be anything but normal, especially when I work with such smart and competent people and know that such people also make up the faculty at the other schools throughout this country. In fact, based on my experiences, some of the most forward thinking people in Indonesia work in education, and so it seems to me that they would agree that students riding on the tops of vans is not  safe nor is it smart…and for this reason, I find this practice incredibly unusual.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. This isn’t a school bus (although lots of school kids use it). This is a bimo/angkot which is a form of public transport.

    I thought they were private family cars when I first arrived and wondered why I kept being asked to ‘naik’ (get on).

    1. Yes, you are correct Bulegila. In fact, I had updated this post to state that it was a public bus but for some reason the update didn’t save and so when I posted, it had the incorrect information still in it! Thank you for noticing, I have updated it accordingly 🙂

    1. Yeah, according to the company, the Internet issues stem all the way to Jakarta! So funny how it can be SO slow and then, as you say, just as fast as Singapore! Ah, life in the jungle.

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