Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

an "arranged" boxed lunch

It never ceases to amaze me when I open a boxed meal here, everything is so perfectly arranged in bags and containers. It’s nothing like the boxed lunches we might receive at a conference or work event back in the United States. While westerners consider a soggy sandwich, greasy potato chips and a juicebox to be enough for a provided boxed lunch, in Indonesia, a hot meal is always expected.

a disassembled boxed meal

You’ll always find a mound of rice, veggies, some kind of meat or fish, plenty of chili sauce, prawn crackers, fruit or a dessert, and water when you open a boxed lunch here—and it will all be arranged so nicely!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

    1. They are awesome. I get excited every time I receive one (which is fairly often with all the events we have at our school)!

    1. Yeah Miss Cozy, I don’t think the boxed lunch would survive the 24hr (+) travel back to Philly…but don’t worry, I’ll try to remember to collect a few enjoyable “packaged goods” for you…definitely need to remember the one referred to as “food from hell” ….keripik sanjay

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