Long Layovers=Mini Adventures?

Singapore's Merlion. I was hoping to spend one more night with him but it appears that he'll just have to wait for the next time I'm in Southeast Asia! (Photo taken during my February 2012 weekend in the city)

I was just issued my ticket back to the United States and instead of the originally proposed one night stay in a Singapore hotel prior to a direct flight to Michigan, I will instead be enduring a marathon of travel that will take me from Sumatra to Jakarta to Japan to Detroit and finally to Lansing, Michigan. Oof!

During my flight frenzy I have an 8-hour layover at Narita International Airport in Japan. The good news is, as an American, I don’t require an additional visa to exit the airport and do a little exploring. Additionally, it appears that layovers of this length are fairly common because after just 10 minutes of browsing I have discovered multiple forums and even a web site dedicated to suggesting what to do during a long layover in Narita.

Lonely Planet Layover Ideas for Narita

Trip Advisor Layover Ideas for Narita

Narita Airport, things to do inside the airport

Narita Airpot, Squidoo what to do

I’m already thinking that I’ll make a quick trip to Narita City to see the Naritasan-Shinshoji-Temple and experience a smidge of Japan. That’s about all though, because between customs and re-checking in and my general bad luck with travel, I just don’t want to chance messing up something for my flight home! I don’t have any wiggle room! I arrive in Michigan the evening of June 6th and then hop in a car the morning of June 8th to kick of “best friend wedding week” in Philadelphia, only to hop a plane the day after the wedding to start my summer job in Los Angeles. Phew!

It’s only May 1st but I’m already tired just thinking about June!


4 thoughts on “Long Layovers=Mini Adventures?

  1. I have a friend who is a teacher from Taiwan now living in Lancing her name is Wendy Chen, you can find her in facebook i sure she will want to know teachers as she working to make a school, in Taiwan

  2. Wait… so you’re done overseas now? How long will you be in Los Angeles? And then what happens? Will you still be blogging in LA? I don’t want to miss out on my midnight adventures with MeKenna Marie! I usually get these in the middle of the night and read them after a 2:30 or 5:00 feeding with Phoebe.. they are so exciting! You are such a talented writer.

    1. I am nearly finished. Just one month to go. I will be working in LA for 6 weeks and then it’s off to NYC to begin graduate school—-but don’t worry the blogging will continue! I plan to continue sharing stories (I still have so many) here about my experiences in Indonesia but I will also have a new blog to document my new adventures as I study to gain my MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages 🙂 I’m glad that my adventures add a little fun to night feedings 🙂 Thanks for reading Dom, it’s nice to have you along for the ride, even if it’s through the Internet!

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