Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Cicada silhouette

In Indonesia I’ve discovered the beauty of showing scale through the use of my hands. There are plenty of super-sized creepy crawlies here and so my hands have made many guest appearances in order to give the viewer a better idea of size.

Potato bug giant

Giant cicada
Huge snails!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

    1. Yeah, I love these guys! I really wanted a photo of him not curled up but the guys who I was climbing with were too quick to poke him and make him roll into a ball! (Back home we call these bugs that curl up “potato bugs” even though they have nothing to do with potatoes…they don’t even feed on them!)

  1. Bugs sure are supersized there. I wish I could see them in person. Critters are so interesting! I guess we know where Duane gets his love of bugs from.

    1. I found a giant centipede in my shower last night, I am starting to be ready for the large creepy crawlers to NOT be in my house! (But you are right, aside from the scary centipedes, I also love the critters. It must be genetic).

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