We must do our best to part with a smile on our faces

Hey Misster, her rugrats and the two best co-teachers a gal could ask for!

I begin my 35+ hours of travel back to the United States at noon, but I couldn’t help but pop by my school one more time before doing the final rounds of my apartment and securing my luggage for the long haul to the other side of the globe. This morning I had my final review with my principal (all good, thankfully!) and took final photos with my kids. Over the last 24 hours I have received gifts of all kinds including a necklace and sash from the Philippines (c/o two Filipino teachers), jewelry of all kinds, scarves, a wooden boat and various batik goods.

Ms. Ede, her daughter and Hey Misster with the ulos, a traditional Batak cloth given for various special occasions.

This morning I was also presented with an ulos from our Bahasa Indonesia teacher. As a Batak, she was also the teacher who took the time during our unit about celebrations to teach our students about the many traditions of her culture. She also taught some of our students the Tor Tor Dance, a traditional Batak dance, that they then performed for parents during our “Celebration Presentation.” I’m honored to have been presented with a friendship ulos and as someone who had many Batak friends while living in Sumatra, it will serve as a really beautiful reminder of all the wonderful people who shared in this journey with me.


4 thoughts on “We must do our best to part with a smile on our faces

  1. Sad to see the end of your posts about your time in Indonesia.
    Hope you have a safe trip back and good luck on your future endeavours.

  2. I am so happy I came across your blog! How ironic that I found your blog on your last day!

    As an overseas teacher myself, I’ve just devoured your posts all morning!! I really enjoy your pictures, explanations, observations and style of writing.

    I hope you will continue your blog for the next chapter of your life–I am so keen to follow! I worked at an English language school in a New Arrivals Programme in Melbourne, Australia in 2009-2010 and fell in love with all things ESL. I am now in London, contemplating what to do next.

    OK, this was so long, sorry! Hope to hear from you—-hope your flight (s) go well!


  3. I just read your blog and am thinking how hard it must have been to say good bye to your children and the many friends you have made. Know that upon your return home wide loving arms are waiting to embrace you. See you tomorrow!

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