Life after Sumatra

First meal back in the USA

Well, I’ve been back in the United States for 6 days and in that period of time I have seen and done so much it’s exhausting to even think about! I arrived in Michigan Wednesday afternoon to the open arms of my mom and pops and my aunt. Over the next 36 hours I met one of my nephews for the first time (aside from Skype!), saw three of my six siblings, enjoyed delicious homecooked meals and partook in plenty of big hugs. On Friday I hopped in a car with two old friends and drove 12 hours to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to begin preparations for my best friend’s wedding. Over the weekend we threw her a lovely bachelorette party that consisted of a beautiful dinner, champagne and homemade desserts in a park and visiting her favorite bar where “everybody knows her name.”

Hey Misster meeting her nephew, Blake, for the first time. Must indulge in many smooches!

All in all, I’ve been very blessed to have such a warm homecoming with so many of the people who I love and who I missed so much during my time in Sumatra. On the opposite end of the spectrum though, I will admit that I think of my students back in Kerinci on a daily basis and have been pondering how my friends there are all doing as they finish up their final week of school.

Finger mustaches with friends! Keeping it silly is always our mantra.

As far as this blog is concerned, I will continue to share a smattering of stories and thoughts about my time in Indonesia over the course of the summer, but I have a feeling that Hey Misster will be drawing to a close by the time I start my MA TESOL program in the fall. I plan to begin a blog focused on this next chapter of my life at that time and will be sure to link it here.

As for the future, I can only say this— I absolutely fell in love with Indonesia and the people who live there and I hope to teach there again when I complete my master’s program. So as I said to my co-teachers, I’ll see ya later, this isn’t goodbye.


One thought on “Life after Sumatra

  1. It was great to see our beautiful (both inside and out) daughter after 9 1/2 months. Panders, you looked wonderful. I feel like I go on your adventures with you if only in my mind by reading your blog. I am glad you are going to keep doing it. Love, Mommadoo

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