Hey Misster is Back!

Hey Misster has Mastered!
Hey Misster has Mastered!

There’s really no reason to try to remake a good thing. I’ve decided to come back to my old standby, the ole “Hey Misster” blog and continue sharing my adventures in teaching here. So in case you were wondering what happened to me— for two years I have been living, learning, and teaching in New York City. In May I graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a masters degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages and in a mere month I will start my first teaching job in the United States at an international school in Brooklyn, NYC.

Over the course of two years the adventures were plenty, but the free time was short, hence the whole “falling off the writing a blog wagon”. As I like to say, I dated graduated school for two years and it was the longest and the most abusive relationship I have ever been in. That being said, I learned a ton, worked with some incredible people, and thanks to these experiences, I’ll be working as an English as a second language history teacher at my top choice school this fall.

Camp nonsense
Camp nonsense isn’t just for the kids.

As for current life—This summer I’ve been living on the west coast in Los Angeles where I’ve been the wellness coordinator for an academic camp on the campus of UCLA. While here I’ve dealt with and served as fill-in mom for students (and staff members) dealing with ailments that have ranged from viral epidemics overtaking our dorms, ear infections, burst cysts, appendicitis scares, gall bladder problems, staph infections—the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, there is little that surprises me these days when it comes to the ailments and concerns of teenagers.

So here’s to the next chapter. Lets hope it’s more comedy than tragedy.


6 thoughts on “Hey Misster is Back!

  1. Yay, glad to have the blog back, love to follow your adventures 🙂 It’s almost time to wrap up the LA adventure and begin your new teacher journey in Brooklyn.

  2. Nice to see you back. And wish you the best in your new job. I still in indo just had a nightmare of a job in medan at POS school, the kids were good but the management was the worst I ever seen.

    1. Will,
      Thanks for the continued readership. I hope that you’ve had better luck recently finding teaching work that is comfortable and enjoyable. I miss the archipelago all of the time!

  3. Glad you are back doing this, Amanda. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in teaching. Sounds like things are going well for you. Will you be home before teaching begins in New York?

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