About Hey Misster

Hey Misster at the sulfur hot springs of Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Photo Credit: Matthew Galat
About this Blog
Indonesia-The location of my first teaching job at an international school.“Hey Mister”- A saying often used by Indonesians to gain the attention of white people (both male and female).

Hey Misster- A blog that documents my life as a TESOL teacher and all the adventures that come with it. Current Location: New York City, NY

For more information on the studies and work of Hey Misster, please visit the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Alumni Page for Teachers College, Columbia University.


7 thoughts on “About Hey Misster

  1. Hey,
    Great blog, would love to chat to you about teaching English in Indonesia – I fell in love with Sumatra twice!
    Assume you will get my email address and if you have time, I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

    1. Liza,
      Sorry for the delay in response, I’ve been all over the US since I’ve returned and am just getting settled into my graduate program. That being said, I’d love to chat about Sumatra. I miss it already! Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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