Side Dish: Fried Snackin’

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about food while living in Indonesia, it’s that ANYTHING can be fried. I’ve eaten fried meats, fried sweets, fried tofu and tempe, fried fruits and fried veggies. I think the only thing that  I haven’t seen fried is ice cream, but we’ll leave that to the Mexicans. Snacks, or […]

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Side Dish: Those Salty Fishes

At least once or twice a week I will open up my lunchbox and find salted fish among the usual suspects like boiled eggs doused in chili paste, fried cubes of tofu and the ever-present mound of white rice. The salty snacks can range from fish that look like your basic minnow to more prehistoric-looking […]

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Side Dish: Punk Rock Fruit

This is the rambuton. While it’s easy to see why this fruit often results in juvenile giggles (“rambut” is Malay for “hairy”), I prefer to compare it to something a little less obvious (and Freudian for that matter). In my mind, the rambutan is the punk rocker of the fruit world. Check out that rad […]

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