Sidenote: SOPA Protest

My site will be “blocked” aka blacked out to protest SOPA/PIPA on January 18 from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Please take a moment to read all about it here: Information on the Wikipedia Blackout: General information about the protest and ways to take action: Open letter to Washington: It’s time to fight for […]

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Sidenote: Snail Mail Smiles

Today, as I asked our school office aid for a pair of scissors to cut the tape covering the package I’d just received in the mail, my co-worker announced “I feel like you have gotten a package every month since you arrived.” I laughed, explaining that in the last month I had not only celebrated Christmas but […]

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Sidenote: Driving in Indonesia

I had written this as part of my adventures at Imigrasi and the Polisi but decided it deserved its own entry…So now I give you, driving in Indonesia, as seen through the eyes of a westerner. I’d just spent the last two hours in a van zigzagging and leapfrogging through the palm plantation fields that […]

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