Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This photo challenge comes at a very apt time for me. Today is my final day teaching in Sumatra and this morning my beautiful students all gave me handmade cards and some of them even purchased me and made me gifts. It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs and grand adventures and it’s hard […]

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Internet Absense

So sorry for the recent absence but between a jam-packed Activities Week and the fact that the Internet hasn’t worked at my home in over 2 weeks, posting has been a struggle. I promise to catch up on my photo challenges and to do my best to be better in my final 10 (yes, 10?!) […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

The challenge this week called for a photo of things or people grouped together. I have chosen to share one photo depicting people and one depicting things. The first captures two of the students at the special needs school where I volunteer. They are always together and when they saw me pull out my iPhone to take […]

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April Showers bring…

Well, I may have learned this little rhyme in the United States, but it still holds true here in Indonesia. It’s been raining like crazy this month, but rain isn’t the only thing that April has provided. It also has given me two great themes to exploit for my Wednesday Reading Journal.* EARTH DAY: Last week […]

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A Little Drama Goes a Long Way

I’ve realized that as of late my blog makes it sound like I spend all my time adventuring through jungles, swimming in crater lakes and alighting mountains and volcanoes across this fine archipelago. The reality, however, is that some of my biggest adventures and successes happen inside a primary level classroom. I spend five days […]

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