Hurry Up and Wait

I’m sitting alone in my Brooklyn apartment staring at the plants that died while my room was being sublet, and the pile of clothes that need to be hung up or folded. My parents, who kindly carted me and my belongings back to NYC, are currently somewhere on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as they make their […]

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Long Layovers=Mini Adventures?

I was just issued my ticket back to the United States and instead of the originally proposed one night stay in a Singapore hotel prior to a direct flight to Michigan, I will instead be enduring a marathon of travel that will take me from Sumatra to Jakarta to Japan to Detroit and finally to […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

The challenge this week called for a photo of things or people grouped together. I have chosen to share one photo depicting people and one depicting things. The first captures two of the students at the special needs school where I volunteer. They are always together and when they saw me pull out my iPhone to take […]

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