Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

I’m behind by a week on the photo challenge, so this week I’m going to play catch up. The theme, angular, immediately made me think of the lovely, but freezing, Saturday morning a few weeks ago when students from all over NYC who are involved in the after school action sports mentor program,┬áSTOKED, swarmed to […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This photo challenge comes at a very apt time for me. Today is my final day teaching in Sumatra and this morning my beautiful students all gave me handmade cards and some of them even purchased me and made me gifts. It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs and grand adventures and it’s hard […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

In general, I make it a rule to post photos that are connected to Indonesia and/or my teaching. This week’s photo challenge, however, requires my breaking the rules a bit in order to effectively complete it. At this time last year I was returning to the United States after four months of teaching in France […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Shortly after I arrived at my school in Sumatra my students visited the local school for children with various mental and physical handicaps. While we were there we played games, shared songs and made new friends. One of the games we played together was “red light/green light.” Everyone had a blast and when the kids […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

When it comes to unfocused photos, I have heaps. But when it comes to those worth keeping, I have almost zero. I rarely even download them from my camera. The above picture, however, perfectly embraces its blurriness because of the subject matter—my students. Suffice it to say, first graders never stop moving and they are […]

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